Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Favorite Thing

Ok...stay with me for a minute .....I get excited about containers to put THINGS in and now I MUST talk about some.

I was invited to my friend Stephanie's house a couple of weeks ago to a Tupperware party and found these fabulous little storage containers. When I saw them it was like a hallelujah chorus went off in my head.
You are looking at FOUR FlatOut 4-cup Tupperware containers. Notice they are only about 4 inches high total. This is four tops and bottoms!
These adjustable containers flatten out or expand to the size you need. Here are the same containers fully expanded. They are over a foot tall expanded!! Think of the space I am going to save. Think of the things I can put in that saved space!
I'm sure some of you are rolling your eyes at how boring a post this is but I just find this fascinating....haha!


dawn said...

These look interesting.

Rachel said...

Actually, those do look interesting! My one fear would be that the kids would get a hold of them (full of soup, of course), and say, "Look Mommy, they collapse!" . . .. splash splash soup all over the floor.

Those are really nifty, though. I'll have to ask you how much they were . . .

Flip Flopping Mamma said...

Good God! I never thought of that Rachel. This could be bad...or more Blog fodder...never know. :P