Friday, February 1, 2008

Why I Scrapbook

Sissy loves looking at her albums. She gets them out and pours over the pictures with a fine tooth comb. She is always wanting to know where a particular shirt or toy is at that is in the picture. Recently she has been wanting me to read her all the journaling on every page.

Yesterday I caught her showing Bubby the 'story of her pictures'. It was so wonderful! This is why I scrapbook.... So, that one day these wild and crazy children will be able to look back on their childhood and remember every detail. (It's also cause I have a thing for paper and stickers...heehee!)


Rachel said...

That's a really sweet picture. You should put it with your ad in the next MOPS article thingy, hee hee!

Dawn said...

At the hospital we had ALL KINDS of bright stickers for all the x-rays. I'll admit most of the time they ended up stuck to me. C'mon, if it's sticky you just gotta play with it!

Corrie said...

I am not sure I subscribe to the "if it is sticky you just have to play with it" camp! There is plenty of sticky stuff I would rather just leave alone! Or at least not play with!!!