Sunday, February 10, 2008

When is a Low a High??

When the high temp for the day is -2...that's when a low is a high. Oh my!! It is so bitterly cold. The wind is blowing like crazy which makes the wind chill -43 DEGREES. It hurts to have to go outside for any amount of time. At night the house pops and cracks like it's breaking apart. It's not the normal popping of an old house either. This seriously sounds like something is breaking apart. We HAD to go out today because Sissy was invited to her very first swimming party. OMG! was she excited. She has talked about nothing else all week. I had to go and buy her a new bathing suit cause she has outgrown hers from last year. It's hard to get a deceint swimsuit for a 4 year old in February in the Great White North. Did you know JCP wanted $35 for a child's swimsuit!? That is just insane...especially since the adult suits were only $25. Anyway....she LOVES her suit and has been wearing it nonstop since Friday. She even slept in it. (She always sleeps with anything new that she loves).
She had a blast at the party. It was at the YMCA and the water and room were VERY warm. Which was great for the little swimmers but not so great for the over heated Mamma sitting on the sidelines knitting. Hubby won't let us turn our heat on at our house so I'm no used to 87 degrees...haha! Just kidding!
Hope ya'll are warmer than -2. I'm off to do the taxes....:(


Dawn said...

That face could sell toothpaste and you can't even see her teeth.

Jessica said...

What a doll!

I'm going to have to get a new swim suit for my girl too--we're going to an indoor water park at the end of the month & her old one is too small! $35! That's a lot!

Corrie said...

Maybe this is completely out of line, but do you worry about the fact that she always sleeps with anything new that she loves?? Now you know that I am a horrible person and wonder why Dawn is my friend.

Flip Flopping Mamma said...

Sometimes Corrie I worry about YOU. haha!!

Don't you have a dog you dress up in doll clothes???

Rachel said...

Is it really that cold outside? Ick! I haven't ventured outdoors, and I have no intention of doing so. (Especially because I still feel like ick.) Oh, wait, I've got another chiropractic appointment tonight. Rats. And I have to get groceries. Double rats. Grrrrr.

Corrie said...

Well my dog does wear clothes sometimes. In fact, she got a princess outfit for Christmas. Oh well.