Friday, February 1, 2008

Soothing Sound of Snowblowers

We received about 6 more inches of snow yesterday and last night. You know what it means when it snows around here?? I means the soothing sound of a snowblower at 5:30AM IN THE MORNING!!

I have one retired (RETIRED!) neighbor who gets out at 5:30AM to clean his drive and all the side walks up and down the street. This is what a snowblower sounds like for those of you who have never heard one. (Because every story is better with sound effects). At 5:30AM it sounds like a dirt bike outside your bedroom window. He's retired....I don't understand why he has to get up so early. Stay in your warm bed, get up late, drink some coffee, and then go out and start on the drives and walks.

I can't complain too loudly cause he did come over and clean off our drive and sidewalks. But does he have to do it SO EARLY??

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Dawn said...

It's so nice that he does your walks too.