Saturday, February 16, 2008

Retail Therapy

Today I had a little retail therapy. Sissy and I went to the big city for a girl's day. She is actually getting old enough where this kind of thing is fun. We had lunch (NOT at McD's!) together and then shopped in a couple different stores. I found these fabulous glasses at Old Time Pottery. I've never been to this store has EVERYTHING! I haven't had time to remove the price sticker yet but you get the idea. (They were only .68 cents a piece!)

No trip to the big city is ever complete without a trip to Target! Whoohoo! Ya gotta love Target. I could just get lost in that store for hours. We only bought a couple of necessary items there. See...I don't need to spend a lot when I go to town. The Great White Hunter thinks I do but I am very happy with my .68 cent glasses and hand lotion.

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