Sunday, February 17, 2008

Organizing in the New Year

Last summer I was at a townwide yardsale and found a complete ClosetMaid closet organizer at a yardsale for only $5! It was still in the original box, never opened! I was very excited and I balanced it on the stroller and pushed it for MILES to the car cause it was such a huge bargain.

The Great White Hunter did not think this was such a deal. He said it wouldn't fit any closet in the house and that is why the previous owners most likely sold it. has sat in the garage all this time. I finally took everything out of the untility room closet and forced (ok...I asked him very sweetly) to install it for me. This will make the 3rd one we have installed in the home and I swear he fights me on it EVERY time! He says it will be too small or none of our stuff is going to fit back into the closet in this case he said all the coats will be too heavy for it. Well, as you can see we needed something (please ignore my dirty laundary). This closet is HORRIBLE! and I've hated it from day one. Such wasted space!It of course fit in the closet and I think it looks fabulous!! I can't wait to do the office closet. We need bookshelves in the worst way and I think I'm going to create them in the office closet (or I'm going to tell The GWH exactly how they should look...haha!)

Bubby was a lot of help. Isn't this the cutest picture you have EVER seen?!!

And for the finished product....doesn't this look a LOT better?! I'm off to do some laundary.

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Rachel said...

Wow, that is a huge difference! Did it really help that much? If so, perhaps I'll get one, because my coat closet looks just like yours used to!