Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day! know me (or maybe you don't) . Where there is a holiday there must be baking. Sissy's best buddy and her mom came over on Tuesday and while it snowed and blowed outside we made heart shaped cookies. We have discovered that it's a lot more fun to make cut out sugar cookies with friends. Not NEAR as much work...haha! We made about 4 million cookies and I've eaten 2 million of them already. It was a lot of fun and the kids seem to really enjoy themselves too. Speaking of Valentine's Day we so LOVE the mailman around here cause he brings us lot's of packages. Bubby can't say a lot of words clearly yet but mailman is right up there with Papa and Daddy.

Grandma J and Papa sent us a huge box of Valentine love this week. A wooden train that Bubby just loves and five Pokie Little Puppies that Sissy just thinks is the best thing since cheese sticks. There were also cookie cutters for me and of course we had to try them out on the cookies this week!

For my love, The Great White Hunter, I gave him an album of pics of his greatest not me or the kids....HUNTING!
I used a Creative Memories 8 1/2x11 Denim album and the Vintage Power Pallette System. (If you have any CM questions just let me know cause I know a fabulous CM Consultant!) I also found this tiny little turkey feet stamp at a flea market. I stamped that across the turkey hunting pages. I left the journaling boxes empty so he could journal about each of the hunts cause I have no clue how many points or how big the spurs are or whatever.
Ok...enough of the this love business. I have to tell ya...I didn't feel a lot of love for that boy of mine this morning. I have to give you a little background on him first I think. Childproofing DOES NOT work with him. He can get into the drawers and the cabinets. He can open the baby gate and most of the doors. He takes things apart all the time. He can and will climb on everything. You can see his little mind working. "Hmmmm.......I want on the counter to get that can I get up there? I know! I'll get a chair and climb up there." And away he goes!! I hope he can someday take this knowlege he has and make us a million.

Anyway...back to this morning. I'm in the shower and he gets through the baby gate and then he works his way through the child lock on the utinsel drawer and gets out a steak knife. He then uses the steak knife....are you ready for this?? gauge HOLES in my LEATHER CHAIR!!! The ONLY nice piece of furniture I have in the entire house. The chair that was supposed to last us a lifetime cause it's leather and basically child/spill proof. OMG!! I sat down in the floor and just cried which I think freaked him out cause he grabbed his milk and said 'night night' and ran to his room...haha!!

He made two holes the size of a nickel and then a lot of little dot size holes. Not good cause they are all just going to get bigger and bigger. Oh well...not much I can do. I knew this was going to happen and I didn't put the knives higher. HUGE lesson for mommy!


Dawn said...

Thinking twice about that lid for the baby bed now aren't you?

jskippy11 said...

But at least he didn't put any nickle size holes in himslf or Sissy! My nephew has done the same thing to my sister's couches and chairs... but he is 13 now... still tearing stuff up! She is waiting till he moves out before she ever has anything nice again! Send me some cookies!!! :-)

Rachel said...

Oh no! That's too bad about that couch! My father in law always used to say, "If it ain't broke it ain't ours". You can't have anything nice when you've got kids!

Those cookies look really good. Got any left, lol? (I hate baking cookies, though. Not quite that tempted!)