Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Got Milk?

I swear I could create a whole blog with nothing but posts about this male child of mine. He is in to EVERYTHING! I do not remember my daughter being like this but I worked outside of the home then and she went to a sitter so maybe she was like this...I don't know.

These are pics of my living room last night. He dumped an ENTIRE box of Cheerios on the living room carpet. It wasn't a nice neat pile either....he made sure they were spread all over the living room and down the hall. (No, I wasn't watching him...I was on the internet so I guess this is God's way of telling me to get off the celeb gossip sites.)

I just took my vaccuum cleaner to the shop yesterday too so I had NOTHING to clean it up with. I told Hubby that the minute I dropped it at the shop I would need it. I had to go next door in subzero temps to borrow my neighbors....THANKS neighbor! Almost killed myself on the ice.

This child is going to be the death of me yet!

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Rachel said...

Oh you poor thing! (but, hee hee, it's difficult not to laugh . . .)