Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Visters Arrive! Surprise!!

Grandma and Papa arrive yesterday. Surprise!!! I didn't tell Sissy cause I didn't want to break her heart if they couldn't make it through the snow. We are all so excited and happy they are here.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Mother Nature Just Keeps Giving....and Giving....

She gave us 6 MORE inches of snow last night. It's a really heavy pretty snow that just covers everything. It's in the upper 20's today too so it actually feels warmer. For those of you way south of here you are probably thinking 20's is COLD...but really it's not. Cold is -20 with a stiff breeze. (Oh no...I think I'm turning into a Northerner)

The neighborhood snowblowers woke us up around 5:15am. Hubby decided if you can't beat them might as well join basically I've been up since dawn. (This is a picture soon after)
I took these after the sun had actually come up.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Pick a Petal

I attended a Stampin' Up! workshop today. We made these five cards using the Pick a Petal stamp set. This card was the sole reason I wanted this great stamp set. For some reason I just think this card is too cute!Then she showed us THIS it not the cutest card you've ever seen?!
Then we made these three cards...which are ok. I don't think they are something I would make again but I think they are cute.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

All The Cool Kids Are Doing It!

Bubby woke up this morning with a mohawk. He so has my hair...poor child!

Watching History

The kids sat or layed in the kitchen floor for a long time the other night watching the Lunar Eclipse. I was surprised that they both found it so interesting.

Playing with Nostalgia

Remember this place?

We were at a playdate at a friend's house on Friday and the kids pulled out this 1970's or early 1980's playset from Sesame Street. Do you remember this?? I'm almost positive I had the same one.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

What a Bargain!

I found a pair of sheepskin boots similar to mine at Wal-mart...yeah yeah yeah...I know it's the root of all evil but I save money which helps me to live better. Anyway, the boots were only $7 and Sissy just thinks they are the BEST cause they are just like mommy's. We had to take pics side by side and of course Bubby had to put HIS boots on and get it on the fun.
(Hey Workout Queen! I only used 1 exclamation point...oops...make that 2. )

A Little Redecorating

I love aprons. I love vintage aprons. I have so many and I've never really had a good place to hang or display them. The other night I finally just got them out of their hiding place and hung them in the kitchen. Which is were you SHOULD hang your aprons. We also FINALLY bought curtains to go in Bubby's room. I love them!!! They make the room look so much bigger. They also keep it dark which is a MUST for naptime. The next step will be to paint the room khaki (don't tell Hubby!).

Got Milk?

I swear I could create a whole blog with nothing but posts about this male child of mine. He is in to EVERYTHING! I do not remember my daughter being like this but I worked outside of the home then and she went to a sitter so maybe she was like this...I don't know.

These are pics of my living room last night. He dumped an ENTIRE box of Cheerios on the living room carpet. It wasn't a nice neat pile either....he made sure they were spread all over the living room and down the hall. (No, I wasn't watching him...I was on the internet so I guess this is God's way of telling me to get off the celeb gossip sites.)

I just took my vaccuum cleaner to the shop yesterday too so I had NOTHING to clean it up with. I told Hubby that the minute I dropped it at the shop I would need it. I had to go next door in subzero temps to borrow my neighbors....THANKS neighbor! Almost killed myself on the ice.

This child is going to be the death of me yet!

Sunday, February 17, 2008


The utility room closet put me in the mood to purge other closets (for a minute). I found 14 pairs of shoes to get rid of. 14 pairs!! 10 of them were Flip Flops of course. Some will go to the local homeless shelter (cause I think Goodwill is a ripoff!) and some will go to the local consignment shop and one pair of Born shoes I will try and sell on ebay.

14 pairs!! This means I get to buy 14 more pairs right??

Organizing in the New Year

Last summer I was at a townwide yardsale and found a complete ClosetMaid closet organizer at a yardsale for only $5! It was still in the original box, never opened! I was very excited and I balanced it on the stroller and pushed it for MILES to the car cause it was such a huge bargain.

The Great White Hunter did not think this was such a deal. He said it wouldn't fit any closet in the house and that is why the previous owners most likely sold it. has sat in the garage all this time. I finally took everything out of the untility room closet and forced (ok...I asked him very sweetly) to install it for me. This will make the 3rd one we have installed in the home and I swear he fights me on it EVERY time! He says it will be too small or none of our stuff is going to fit back into the closet in this case he said all the coats will be too heavy for it. Well, as you can see we needed something (please ignore my dirty laundary). This closet is HORRIBLE! and I've hated it from day one. Such wasted space!It of course fit in the closet and I think it looks fabulous!! I can't wait to do the office closet. We need bookshelves in the worst way and I think I'm going to create them in the office closet (or I'm going to tell The GWH exactly how they should look...haha!)

Bubby was a lot of help. Isn't this the cutest picture you have EVER seen?!!

And for the finished product....doesn't this look a LOT better?! I'm off to do some laundary.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Retail Therapy

Today I had a little retail therapy. Sissy and I went to the big city for a girl's day. She is actually getting old enough where this kind of thing is fun. We had lunch (NOT at McD's!) together and then shopped in a couple different stores. I found these fabulous glasses at Old Time Pottery. I've never been to this store has EVERYTHING! I haven't had time to remove the price sticker yet but you get the idea. (They were only .68 cents a piece!)

No trip to the big city is ever complete without a trip to Target! Whoohoo! Ya gotta love Target. I could just get lost in that store for hours. We only bought a couple of necessary items there. See...I don't need to spend a lot when I go to town. The Great White Hunter thinks I do but I am very happy with my .68 cent glasses and hand lotion.

More Valentine's Day

Sissy had a Valentine's party at school filled with lot's of sugar and fun. They handed out Valentines to everyone, played some games, sang some songs and read lot's of books. I left Bubby with a friend (and warned her about him) and enjoyed the party with Sissy.

Look at her tearing into that loot!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Snoopy Snowman

Instead of a snowman my dad has always made a Snoopy 'snowman'. It's kinda like his signature snowman. He can whip one up in a matter of's amazing!!

It's been pretty balmy at his house most of the winter but they FINALLY got a enough snow to make one this week.

Happy Valentine's Day! know me (or maybe you don't) . Where there is a holiday there must be baking. Sissy's best buddy and her mom came over on Tuesday and while it snowed and blowed outside we made heart shaped cookies. We have discovered that it's a lot more fun to make cut out sugar cookies with friends. Not NEAR as much work...haha! We made about 4 million cookies and I've eaten 2 million of them already. It was a lot of fun and the kids seem to really enjoy themselves too. Speaking of Valentine's Day we so LOVE the mailman around here cause he brings us lot's of packages. Bubby can't say a lot of words clearly yet but mailman is right up there with Papa and Daddy.

Grandma J and Papa sent us a huge box of Valentine love this week. A wooden train that Bubby just loves and five Pokie Little Puppies that Sissy just thinks is the best thing since cheese sticks. There were also cookie cutters for me and of course we had to try them out on the cookies this week!

For my love, The Great White Hunter, I gave him an album of pics of his greatest not me or the kids....HUNTING!
I used a Creative Memories 8 1/2x11 Denim album and the Vintage Power Pallette System. (If you have any CM questions just let me know cause I know a fabulous CM Consultant!) I also found this tiny little turkey feet stamp at a flea market. I stamped that across the turkey hunting pages. I left the journaling boxes empty so he could journal about each of the hunts cause I have no clue how many points or how big the spurs are or whatever.
Ok...enough of the this love business. I have to tell ya...I didn't feel a lot of love for that boy of mine this morning. I have to give you a little background on him first I think. Childproofing DOES NOT work with him. He can get into the drawers and the cabinets. He can open the baby gate and most of the doors. He takes things apart all the time. He can and will climb on everything. You can see his little mind working. "Hmmmm.......I want on the counter to get that can I get up there? I know! I'll get a chair and climb up there." And away he goes!! I hope he can someday take this knowlege he has and make us a million.

Anyway...back to this morning. I'm in the shower and he gets through the baby gate and then he works his way through the child lock on the utinsel drawer and gets out a steak knife. He then uses the steak knife....are you ready for this?? gauge HOLES in my LEATHER CHAIR!!! The ONLY nice piece of furniture I have in the entire house. The chair that was supposed to last us a lifetime cause it's leather and basically child/spill proof. OMG!! I sat down in the floor and just cried which I think freaked him out cause he grabbed his milk and said 'night night' and ran to his room...haha!!

He made two holes the size of a nickel and then a lot of little dot size holes. Not good cause they are all just going to get bigger and bigger. Oh well...not much I can do. I knew this was going to happen and I didn't put the knives higher. HUGE lesson for mommy!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to the Great White Hunter!! (It was actually yesterday)

We celebrated in style with tacos and cheesecake!

When is a Low a High??

When the high temp for the day is -2...that's when a low is a high. Oh my!! It is so bitterly cold. The wind is blowing like crazy which makes the wind chill -43 DEGREES. It hurts to have to go outside for any amount of time. At night the house pops and cracks like it's breaking apart. It's not the normal popping of an old house either. This seriously sounds like something is breaking apart. We HAD to go out today because Sissy was invited to her very first swimming party. OMG! was she excited. She has talked about nothing else all week. I had to go and buy her a new bathing suit cause she has outgrown hers from last year. It's hard to get a deceint swimsuit for a 4 year old in February in the Great White North. Did you know JCP wanted $35 for a child's swimsuit!? That is just insane...especially since the adult suits were only $25. Anyway....she LOVES her suit and has been wearing it nonstop since Friday. She even slept in it. (She always sleeps with anything new that she loves).
She had a blast at the party. It was at the YMCA and the water and room were VERY warm. Which was great for the little swimmers but not so great for the over heated Mamma sitting on the sidelines knitting. Hubby won't let us turn our heat on at our house so I'm no used to 87 degrees...haha! Just kidding!
Hope ya'll are warmer than -2. I'm off to do the taxes....:(

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Obsessed with Celebs!

Cause I wore shoes like this when I was pregnant ALL the time! Wow!
JLo taking in a fashion show.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Snowed In!

Wow! I think this is more snow than I have ever seen in my entire life! It has offically been snowing for 24 hours straight. It hasn't been just fluttering down it's been SNOWING!
Hubby decided to walk up to the store to buy some cat food...obviously HE didn't plan ahead like I did when it came to the 4 gallons of milk I bought. Not that I thought we wouldn't be able to get to the store I just didn't want to go with 2 kids in tow. Sissy thought is was a fabulous idea to sled to the store.

It really is pretty. Everything is closed and we are just hanging out at the house. The house smells and sounds good right now. Ham and beans on the stove for supper. I'll get the cornbread cooking in awhile. Sissy and I made some Valentine's cupcakes. Laundery is going. Kids are sleeping and Hubby is outside with a borrowed snowblower. It's a good day.

Monday, February 4, 2008

What Child Labor Laws?

Singing while she works. Maybe this is why people have lot's of children.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Another 3 inches

We are getting more snow. It's been very quiet all day long and then all of a sudden the sky just opened up and it started to snow like crazy. We were supposed to go to a Super Bowl party but I think we'll just stay in lay around tonight. Wasn't all that interested in the game anyway.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

New Addition to the House

This is the new addition to our living room. Bubby, of course, thinks it's spectacular!