Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Social Highlight of the Week

Our new Walmart Supercenter opened today. I was NOT going to go cause I knew EVERYBODY in town would be there....and I was right. But I HAD to go cause we were totally out of diapers.

It was like the opening of Disney Land or something! People were rushing in and all giddy. There were groups of people just standing around talking and laughing. I think I saw about 20 people I knew. The whole store was all pretty, shiny and new. So many choices!

Some of you may dislike Walmart and I get it but you have to understand that up until yesterday we only had a tiny little dirty Walmart. Very few choices and hardly any food. If I wanted to buy diapers and say...potatoes I would have to go to two different stores and with these children in tow it's a pain. So you see...this is a huge improvement I think.

The only thing that could have made this any better is if a Target had opened up.


Rachel said...

You seriously have to stop stealing my blog fodder! I'm not going to have anything to write about, lol!

Isn't it pathetic, though? There I was, looking forward to going to WAL-MART all afternoon, just because it was a new store. Hee hee, I feel really small town hick now!

Dawn said...

is that photo actually your wal-mart? It looks all ominous with the cloud behind it.

Corrie said...

Well, I just would like to say that the red glow coming from the Walmart in the picture is because it really is the gate to hell. This picutre finally proves I am right!