Tuesday, January 8, 2008

So proud of myself

I had this vision of knitting everyone socks for Christmas. First I picked the Tyrolean Stockings pattern. When I went into the yarn store and told the guy I had NEVER knitted socks or knitted in the round before.....he actually laughed at me (RUDE!) It wasn't pretty.

I bought the yarn and was determined to do it anyway! (I'll show him!!) After about 5 rows I decided life was short and Christmas was only 3 months away and it wasn't going to happen. So I bought some self stripping yarn and made these lovely socks.
I didn't get everyone socks made...only my sister and mom. The first pair I made for my sister and they turned out rather large. I kept hoping they would get smaller but they didn't. I told her I hoped she had large ankles to keep them up. She was NOT amused. We thought once we washed them they might strink...they only got larger. Mom's turned out better. I used smaller needles...but they are still large I think. .
I've started on my 3rd pair but I have baby blankets to make now (for others not me) so socks will have to wait.

Soooo....maybe you'll get socks next year if you are good...heehee!


Dawn said...

My fat ankles have never been warmer :)

Rachel said...

Ha ha, I just love Dawn's comment!