Sunday, January 6, 2008

Flipping Washers

Our washer has died. Instead of calling Sears to come and work on it Darling Husband (DH) thought it would be 'easier' to take it to the basement and bring the one in the basement upstairs. Up all 14 STEPS!! There was a set in the basement when we bought the house and we just left them there (just in case). DH installed the washer.

While we are doing this the kids, of course, were behaving themselves...ack!! Bubby will climb on EVERYTHING. You can see his little wheels in his head turning when he can't reach something. "What can I find to stand on so I can reach the counter where the knives are??"


jskippy11 said...

I also own 2 washers.. just in case.. it is too bad I can't have them both hooked up at the same time.... and an extra dryer too.. wouldn't that make doing the laundry so much better?

Rachel said...

Ooo yes, two washers and dryers . . . total luxury!

Hey, did you rearrange your living room? It looks different?

Love the look of your blog - very cool!