Friday, January 11, 2008


I find this site very disturbing. I saw this in a knitting magazine today. VIP Fibers will take the hair you brush from your pet and make yarn out of it.

I really just don't get it. Do you then make a sweater for you or your dog?


Rachel said...

Yes, I've seen that ad, too. Personally, I'd rather just skin my cat and make a hat. Why go to all the bother of shearing?

Leann I Am said...

One of my best friends actually LEARNED to knit because she learned to spin her dog's fur into yarn FIRST. They always joked that their Alaskan Malamute shed so much that they were going to spin it into yarn and make a sweater. She found a class, signed up, and learned to spin.

She doesn't really spin his fur much anymore, but she still spins and loves to knit. In fact, she's the one who taught ME how to knit!

Here's her blog: