Friday, January 18, 2008

Dangerous and Daring

I received these two books in the mail yesterday for Christmas (thanks Mindee). They are so great! They are full of wonderful and interesting things a boy and girl need to know about.

So many of the things I did growing up and had forgotten about all about. According to my sister 'Workout Barbie' I have NO MEMORY at all and have forgotten all the important things from my childhood. Like the time I scared her and made her cry or the time I embarrassed her and made her cry and the time I stole her so & so and made her cry....see a pattern here?? Yeah, me too...a pattern of her making up tales to STILL get me in trouble 25 years later.

Anyway...I digress....According to The Daring Book for Girls there are 14 different kinds of tag. Who knew!?
  1. Blog Tag
  2. Freeze Tag
  3. Tornado Tag
  4. TV Tag
  5. Shadow Tag
  6. Time Warp Tag
  7. Line Tag
  8. Zombie Tag
  9. Electric Tag
  10. Battle Tag
  11. Inverted Tag
  12. Infection Tag
  13. Hot Lava Monster Tag
  14. Hide and See Tag

And remember those hand clapping games? Miss Mary Mack, Mack, Mack.... Love it!!

The Dangerous Book for Boys teaches how to hunt and skin a rabbit (useful knowledge for every boy...haha!) and has advice about girls. This section is too funny! The book says 'to be careful with humor. It is very common for boys to try to impress girls with a string of jokes, each one more desperate than the last. One joke, perhaps, and then a long silence while she talks about herself....' What??

The second rule is 'When you are older, flowers really do work--women love them. When you are young, however, there is a ghastly sense of being awkward rather than romantic--and she will guess your mother bought them.' LOL!! This book is SO written by a man.


Rachel said...

That is so funny! Ha ha, what else are younger sisters for than to torment?

I saw those books at Target and they looked so intriguing. I'll have to remember those when Peter gets old enough to skin rabbits, hee hee!

Corrie said...

Well, if workout barbie says you made her cry, I would side with her. Of course I am her friend, so it would be weird if I didn't.