Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Every morning (some mornings) after I take Sissy to school I take Bubby and we go and work out. This morning we came back from working out and The Great White Hunter (my DH) was loading his bow and hunting clothes in his car. He's SUPPOSED to be at's 10am!!

He didn't think I was going to be home. He came home quick to load up his hunting gear and take off. He wasn't going to tell me he was going hunting. He is SO BUSTED!! I couldn't believe it.

He SO owes me a shopping day now! BTW....he didn't get anything. (This deer is from earlier this year.) All I can say is......KARMA!


Dawn said...

Eddie Bauer here we come!!! Boowahahaha!

Rachel said...

That picture of him is hilarious! Great White Hunter Indeed! Ha!

Anonymous said...

Other wives, eat your heart out. That is my favorite son-inlaw. He brings home the bacon at work or otherwise.